Human to Human

Last night I saw a glimpse of the news and it was really interesting, surprisingly.  It was a story on how our city's bus system has a special service for people with disabilites and how this service is not always hitting the mark.  The dispatchers of this fleet of buses is instructing the drivers to leave some people behind if the drivers are behind schedule.  Basically leaving these people who are most often confined to a wheelchair at home, although this form of transportation is one of their only ways of getting around.  One driver was saying that she has worked for the city for over 20 years, so she gives herself some leniency and decides she can "sneak in humanity". 

This notion of sneaking in our humanity really struck me.  To think we are in a place where humanity needs to be taken through the back door just in case it is caught without the proper credentials completely gives me the chills.  I see and experience this type of behavior and imagine you have as well.  

I joyously remember walking in the WTO protest in Seattle about 15 years ago and chanting.. "THE PEOPLE UNITED.. WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED!"   I still feel moved with appreciaiton for that statement.  We as a group of human citizens must unite in order to preserve our ability to be seen and heard and respected.  Humanity should never have to be snuck in or out of our lives.  Humanity and basic goodness is something we are all born, with, and no corporation or group of people or system or fear based ideology or authority should have the right nor the prospect of minimizing it.

   I love that lady bus driver for knowing what was important to her and doing it in the face of criticism and perhaps even at the cost of her job.  I imagine all those civil right activists were put their safety on the line to fight for what was right.  My wish is that in the near future, humanity need not be cloaked but a choice that is celebrated and birthed over and over again so that we remember who we really are.