Each moment I have the opportunity to die.

The best way to get over yourself is to dissipate. It is also called death of ego. It can be a scary ride to unknown territory which is usually why we cling onto suffering for so long. We know suffering. The smell of it the taste of it. What it wears, what it wants for dinner.  Yet death of any kind is unknown. It is uncertain. It is transformation which can be frightening.

Yet one thing I know about myself is that in hopes to get over my suffering I have to get over myself. Serving others is a wonderfully selfish thing to do when I find myself in such a state.  It is not unusual that I am needed when I feel less than stellar to give of myself.  I am asked to put aside my own naval gazing to attend to my daughter's needs or to see a client.  At first I reject not being able to be more myself (whatever that means) before I go out into the world until I realize, the world summons my best self forward without my needing "to do " anything.  It requires me to BE bigger than me.  It requires me to refocus my presence of mind from myself to other. 

 I have an exercise to try that I made up for myself. When you find yourself in a social situation and are perhaps feeling less than stellar. Maybe you feel odd in your own skin or you are just having an introvert kinda day in an atmosphere that is requiring you to summon the extrovert inside of you. I challenge you to zero in on whomever you are talking or wherever you are and take in the littlest of details about the situation. If you are speaking to someone take genuine interest in them. Take in the little freckles on their nose and the speckles in their eyes. Start to zone in on their tone and energy.  Literally lose yourself in getting curious about them and what you are noticing. You will find yourself so immersed in the present moment that your anxiety or foul mood will lift, if even for a moment. You will get relief from yourself. You will garner connection to this other person and that energy will become more important than yourself. This is freedom. This is spacious dwelling. This is profound happiness.  This is death of self in order to birth anew. 


ego. death.

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