Modeling Imperfection

Sometimes clients come to coaching with how they want to be perfect in their lives, to not make too many mistakes.  You know, to play it safe in that way.  We work with this topic often.   We look at how the fear of imperfection can create a small and lackluster life.   How the fear of failure creates stagnation and self hatred and lack of creativity and enjoyment. I actually love coming to this topic with clients as I have a wealth of experience in this arena in my own life.  A mountain of experience.  A valley of experience. A deep sea of experience. Cringe worthy experience.  Of course I self-manage these experiences when I am in a coaching session with a client, but my own material is never too far from the surface.  

  I think however that this experience is what makes me a good and competent human being and subsequently coach for others. Without this I would be living in a vacuum not connected or open. Now my litmus test for how I am doing is as long as I can be kind to myself. If I can be kind to myself no matter what I do then I have had a victory.  



image stolen from google search "imperfection".