I wanna feel like this duo.  They scream JOY and pure contagious happiness that doesn't need words to translate.  I am in love with humanity and all living beings for that matter because of our potential to do this right here.  To open to the possibility of pure light.  These two seem absolutely positively lit up.

Another part of this photograph I am drawn to is the landscape.  There is not a fancy SUV or mall insight.  There is not even a tree.  It looks to be rather stark.  This happiness was probably not bought or promised.  Our sometimes belief that happiness happens outside of ourselves is something I wish to shed.  It is not about that thing I think I need or want.  Rather it is about something much more potent.  It comes from within us.  

I do think we are all born with this seed to sprout.  Some of us may have gotten more soil, water and light yet some of us sprout even in dark and dry places. 


source of photo unknown as I originally found it posted on FB