I am certified in a type of coaching called Co-Active Coaching.  This type of coaching invites true transformation rather than small incremental change that may not stick.  Finding the fully-realized, mindful individual born from integritous integration. It heeds the call for courage, for connection, for truth.  Reawakening to your essence, your truest nature, akin to the most profound homecoming.  It desires a life lived courageously and demands a life lead soulfully. External circumstances as well as old belief systems and thought patterns start to change.  I believe this is the most tremendous way to experience change. From the inside out.  Basking in your purpose and in loving kindness.

My ideal clients are committed to the process and are open to where it might take them.  Coaching people how to unattached from their saboteur and best align with their highest good distills what I do best. I bring mindfulness based work into all the coaching I do as that is my personal which has served me dearly. I coach individuals looking to refine their lives or make a huge leap, people in transitions already or gearing up to meet one, as well as people who are  in the grieving process. Couples are also a specialty of my coaching practice and I find a lot of joy coaching couples back to resonance or helping couples consciously uncouple if that becomes the path to resonance.  


What is coaching?

Coaching is hard to define.  It can be thought of as a way to tune into your true resonance when you feel out of tune.  Like a tuning fork does for music, coaching can find the new frequency you wish to be at in your life.  It is most definitely a courageous act towards personal fulfillment. In my book, it is a radical act to take in this world of shoulds.  We look at how often we unconsciously overlook what we really want, and somehow settle for what we have or think we deserve.  Ideally, we live our lives in alignment to what we love and what is important to us. Ideally we make choices both from our heart as well as our head. And sometimes we need help to bridge those gaps. 

what to expect →

What I want for you...

to know you are enough, just as is... just being you... Especially being you. 

to be confident in your life.

to own who you are and how you contribute to this world.

to live your life purpose.

to love even the ugly bits.

to know you are supported.

to not stop short of your greatest potential.

to come home to yourself.

to garner the tools to keep you on the path. 

As your coach I promise....

to keep everything you say confidential and
between us.

to show up fully and with an open heart.

to continually ask you to show up for yourself
in the bravest manner. 

to meet you where you are with no judgements.

to challenge you.

to hold your agenda at all times.

to dare to suck.

to be courageous and bold.

to dare to be magnificent! 

to tell you what I see.