There are many different tools used for this process. The only ones you need to have for us to begin, is the willingness to be honest and move forward. Working together, we will continuously ground back to the most powerful and authentic version of yourself.  We will feel around in dark places together in order to find the light to create movement and propel energy onward. I get to be the person who shares in your celebrations, breakdowns, breakthroughs and transformations. I will become a conduit for the divine to move through in order for you to connect straight to the source. 

To be brutally honest the term life coach is not something I am drawn to and in fact I think more of what I do can be labeled just as much a grief coach as a life coach. Transitions are full of grief and any life worth living will be filled with some form of loss. If we rob ourselves of this then the sweetness and joys of life are also that much dialed down. Grief and joy are in direct relationship with one another.  You can look at grief as the tax of experiencing joy or love.  So if I were to be frank I say I am a life coach only because that is the easiest way to explain the work and yet the work is much more than that title can ever hold.  "Only the paradox comes anywhere near to comprehending the fullness of life." Carl Jung

Together we...


take deep breaths.

take on different perspectives.

become who we really are not who we think we should be.

create new belief systems and pathways in your brain.

listen to what is not being said.

engage deeply.

 shed tears.



create ritual.

challenge one another.

respect one another.

create a powerful relationship between us.

sometimes forget
to breathe.

set goals and take action.

creatively brainstorm.



expand and awaken to joy.

ground ourselves.

get curious.

channel our highest self for answers.

grow past limitaions.

seal in the learning.

What I want for you...

to know you are enough,
just as is... just being you...
Especially being you. 

to be confident in your life.

to own who you are and how you contribute to this world.

to live your life purpose.

to love all parts.

to know you are supported and you can do hard things.

to know that fear will show up and to hold tenderly when it does and to keep going.

to let intuition guide you.

to garner the tools to keep you on the path as you will forget as much as you remember and that is ok.. 


As your coach I promise....

to keep everything you say confidential and
between us.

to show up fully and with an open heart.

to continually ask you to show up for yourself
in the bravest manner. 

to meet you where you are with no judgements.

to challenge you.

to hold your agenda at all times.

to dare to suck.

to be courageous and bold.

to dare to be magnificent! 

to tell you what I see.