I am talking about vaginas.

What happened that made vagina a bad and ugly name? It seems too cliche that the name for female genetalia also gets a bad rap.  As women we not only judge ourselves and others but we also cannot find the proper loving relationship with our vaginas.  I love the name vagina because it is the accurate name and it kinda sounds like the exotic thing it is describing.  I picture it being from South America  and having a beautiful accent.  VAGINA>>   I suppose Bird-of-Paradise would be a close second place if I had the job of naming our special spot and that is probably because I am from Miami Beach and think fondly of those flowers.  These days we have so many funny nicknames and pet names to make it cuter.  But if it were a fruit you would not nickname it.  Nope you would simply ask the produce man if vaginas were in season and no one would smirk or wince or make it apparent you just said a "gross" word.  

I want the vagina to be a symbol of our sacred love and inner beauty and power as opposed to what is happening.  Our vaginas have succumbed to the reality tv world of comparisons and upkeep and impossible standards.  The more superficial and fake we make it the more I imagine that pours right into our intimacy and lovemaking and all things vaginas do best.  What is this newfound obsession with our vagina sounding and looking pretty?  It is as if we do not have enough things to dissect and dislike about ourselves so we found another spot to groom into submission.  A vagina is a place where we menstrate and birth our children not a place where pageants are performed.  I rather not spend my time and money waxing off my privates.  I do not want to get surgery to tighten up ship because it is not a ship, it is a vagina and no one is sinking.

This may be too much information for many.... My vagina that turned into a sea creature when I gave birth . She looked like Ursula from The Little Mermaid when she got really angry and big and scary..  I know this fact because my midwives took a vagina in FULL BIRTH  picture.  And as shocked as I was to see that, it is incredible that my vagina has that capability built into it, to get that creature-like in service of a healthy birth to my daughter.  It is inherently incredible in it's brilliant design.

I am so excited to be working on a project with my dear friend to celebrate all things vagina.   Ironically it will be called your magic. I cannot say I was surprised, and also I want to raise awareness so that the next time you say, hear, or read the word vagina you soften a bit and find the love for what birthed even you.