Ego came around when I was not looking

Sometimes before I even know it I am going on Ego-Auto-Pilot.   It is as if fear and control came in through the backdoor to set up command central in my day to day.  I notice Ego has slipped in when I  need to buff and puff myself up.  Storyline is ego's loyal companion.   It may look good but it feels lousy.  Like a sexy outfit that really restricts my body from feeling comfortable.

I just now noticed Ego comes out usually when I am struggling in some way.  It comes and runs to the rescue as it thinks I need fixing.   It decides I need another layer of laqour added to my foundation.  Ego is building me up as it thinks I am in danger of crumbling.  It is retrofitting my situation just in case of an earthquake.   I see the softer side of why is comes to the party and yet I still need to ask it to leave.  I know there is an alternative way to be that requires so much less energy and force.  

 It is possible to be soft and strong.  It is possible to not know and to live with mystery.  This is the lightest and most relaxed version of myself.  I can relax and let go of all the fluff and chatter and sink down into the marrow of the moment.  

It is the truest stillest surest part of me that now shows up to chaperone Ego home.  I am so happy Ego tries to crash the party as it's arrival is always my reminder to come back to Spirit.  I saw you Ego.  You helped me notice I strayed. Thanks!