It is the little things..

Like eyebrows on dogs that I am wanting to appreciate these days.  All of these little treasures have the ability to cancel out and outweigh the day to day hassles that are intwined with being alive.  I am choosing to give more value to the things that make the quality of my life richer through feeling connected to joy.  

I watch my almost 4 year old daughter and the way she puts exclamation points on all her sentences because she is that enthusiastic about her life.  The other day she was in the bathroom and I hear her say, "Wow! Awesome poop!".  I actually get to be privy to these amazing everyday moments, which then helps me to remember  to relish the routine parts of life because there are a ton of them and those minutes all add up. I had a choice of photos for this post and thought that a dog with eyebrows was better than a poop no matter how awesome it might have been.