Abundance in all its forms

Within the last couple of years I went through a major transition and transformation and It has been very humbling. During this liminal phase of my life I would see in todays new age circles and Facebook forums and Instagram posts one line quotes that range from "Follow your bliss" to "Manifest your dreams" to "Be present" usually all written in some loopy script. These one liners can be super helpful reminders for some, and as a disclaimer I often use homemade mantras for myself and as a tool with clients to keep the arrows pointed towards true intentions. However there is this idea that if you think abundantly you will be abundant or if you think positive thoughts than all will be well has taken a darker turn in this world where people make their images upon vapid positivity.. It takes more than that. It takes the courage to look at oneself and to feel pain and to go through it in order to get to that more spacious side of acceptance and peace. It takes handwork as well as knowing where to point the arrow of your intention.

Jung said, "We have both dark and light within us. It's the dance between them that makes life worth living.  Too much light creates deep and dark shadows... One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of Light, but by making the darkness conscious... Shadow work is the path of the Heart Warrior."

 Abundance isn't just a hot word that when said will attract cartoon money signs and luxury into life. Abundance is a state of being graceful in how we choose to see and relate to life. There has been such a wealth of growing during this time. Spiritual growth and learning and earning secure attachment to myself are my biggest achievements and investments.   Abundance to me today is defined by the way I hold my heart and the way I hold your heart; with infinite compassion and space to blossom.