The things we have to let go of...

I was talking to a friend the other day about this fabulous stove I had found at an estate sale.  The brand is an elite french label and although the stove was maybe more than half off of it's normal price at $2300 it was still way above my budget. But it was so beautiful and surely would just make my kitchen completely pop. My ego said I might be the only person I know with a handmade French blue stove. I almost justified the purchase as it was like a rare unicorn I found. And for days, I actually mourned it's loss although it was never quite mine AND it is a fucking stove. I looked on instagram hash tagging the name of the stove and raked myself over the coals pining for the one that got away. 

And then settled by the words of my best friend, flat and simple it was not meant to be and plus think of all the abundance I now had because I did not over stretch myself for that object. And to be completely transparent I even had already found an old classical gas stove on Craigslist for $400 which had fit so nicely in my budget and was a beauty in it's own right.

It had me thinking of all the things we let go of as it seems to be our minds ruminate in these sticky places rather than settling on what we already have. What the fuck mind? Why must I habitually loop in a way that causes suffering? Why not opt for a kinder solution off the bat and help a girl out? I mean seriously all this taming the mind stuff is no joke as mine is a bucking wild horse at times kicking my internal peace onto a cactus bush.

Letting go has never come naturally for me.  I have always had the hardest times saying goodbye to loved ones and my first love relationship that ended took me years to recover from simply because I would not let go.  I recall the class in college I learned about Buddhism and impermanence and how that forced my mind to stretch to such uncomfortable places and I felt deep in my bones it was the truth of life and knew that not accepting this truth ultimately was the cause of much of my suffering. It is hard being human AND it is ok.  

This year I have had to let go of things much bigger than a fancy french stove. I have had to let go of my marriage, my identity, my made up future, my pride, my whole family, my home, my security blanket. I have had to strip down naked and kneel and wail and grieve all that I thought was mine.  This has easily been one of the hardest years of my life and yet I still stand.. I still am growing.. I still laugh and love and let go over and over again because that is truth and acceptance is all I have. I feel deeply humbled and filled with a grace that has nothing at all to do with holding on but everything to do with letting go and seeing all I still have.